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Granulator chains

Гранулятор скла

In the production of glass there is always waste in the form of hot and cold glass. Scrap glass is a valuable secondary raw material for glass production. This is one of the most important sources of saving raw materials and energy. Granulator chains are an important part of the glass recycling process. They work in extremely difficult conditions and must ensure high reliability of the production process.

What are the problems with granulator chains?

  • Retaining rings and pins chains do not withstand operating conditions

  • Bushings, pins and roller have fast wearings

  • The chain stretches quickly

  • Pins and bushings are rotated, resulting in faster wear



Ланцюг гранулятора Zippe

What is a reliable granulator chain?

  • This is the use of high-quality raw materials and the correct chain production technology

  • Bushings, pins, rollers must be made of a special alloy steel with the correct hardening process for long-lasting work in abrasive and wet conditions

  • Pins and bushings must be anti-rotating

  • The pins must be splined on both sides with quality retaining rings or welded.







Ланцюг гранулятора EME
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