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Food industry has many requirements and standards. Different industries have different requirements for safety, hygiene and technologies. For example, in the production of dairy products, an important item is created to withstand an aggressive environment during the CIP process, and in meat production there is a need to withstand and have quality access to both the external and internal parts of the equipment during its washing. Therefore, in such industries, the use of stainless steel or plastic chains that comply with FDA and HACCP requirements is mandatory. At the same time, for the production of confectionery products, it is necessary to withstand high temperatures (for example, in an oven) or to have the highest precision for chains that work in parallel pairs (chocolate production). Beverage production requires the use of table top chains that are abrasion resistant and at high speeds provide the best bottle stability on transferring and packaging lines.


In addition to standard stainless steel drive chains, plastic chains or chains that do not require lubrication, we can offer you solutions that are completely customized with special attachments. Our solutions work in the dairy, confectionery, bakery industries, in the processing of vegetables and fruits, in the production of beverages and other segments.

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