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Conveyor rollers

Conveyor rollers are widely used in all industries and are an integral part of any belt conveyor. Their design has to provide reliable and durable operation, because low-quality rollers lead to unplanned costs for the maintenance of conveyors.

We offer conveyor rollers of European production with excellent quality, reliability and according to the individual tasks of our customers. Bearings are protected by a multi-level labyrinth seal, which protects it from dust and moisture and ensures long-lasting operation in difficult operating conditions. The tube of the conveyor roller has a powder coating that protects it from corrosion. The rollers are centered and have a low coefficient of rolling resistance. We offer all types of conveyor rollers: support rollers, guide rollers, impact rollers etc. Our conveyor rollers are widely used in cement, glass, wood, mining, food and other industries.

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